Henricus G. Ruhe

Improving precision in psychiatry: neuroscientific research applied to clinical practice


Henricus G Ruhe, is a clinical psychiatrist and scientist, specialized in Affective Disorders. 

As an academic psychiatrist, I combine high standard tertiary clinical care with research. My research addresses mechanisms and treatment of 1. recurrence in Major Depressive Disorder and 2. Treatment Resistant Depression. For this research I use a variety of techniques: neuropsychological tests, ecological momentary assessments, measurements of stress hormones, poly unsatrated fatty acids and neuroimaging (SPECT, PET and MRI).

Currently, I am affiliated with the University Medical Center Groningen and the University of Oxford. I am working on several research projects funded by competitive national and EU funding agencies and collaborate with many (neuro-)scientists across the world. 

With my recent research on brain network-connectivity in Oxford (Prof. Morten L. Kringelbach), I aim to apply the latest perspectives from neuroscience to psychiatric diseases in order to 1. distinguish dysfunctional brain circuits associated with recurrence in depression and 2. to identify where and how we could intervene with these brain circuits to alleviate suffering from depression.

If this approach appears successful, I (together with my group) aim to extend this to diagnostics and treatment of a broader set of affective disorders.